Monday, June 18, 2012

Tool #6

(Interesting to note.... I just went to check my email and the email's I sent from my googledocs Tool #4 exercise were in my junk mail. Not sure why, there isn't another way for me to send the email, it's just a box to click on the doc...) ANYWAY.....

Tool #6 discusses using the tools in the class for instant feedback. I think blogs are a great way for feedback to parents as well as students to see what they are being required to do and what projects SHOULD look like when completed.
The wallwisher program, and others like it, allow for the instant feedback in the class. I do not think these types of things will work well in a classroom if they are only periodically used. I think if there were a way to post them where kids could see the results quickly and easily all the time make the best impression and they will become more and more familiar with using them!

For your Tool #6 Post:
  1. Choose at least two of the tools from the above list. Create an account for each (if required) .
I have created a blog for my classroom using Blogspot/Bloggger.
I created a wallwisher board for use with the blog.

2. Use each of the tools you choose to create a sample of how you would use it in your classroom.

3. Embed the sample (preferred) or link to the URL. and
4. Share your thoughts on how you see the tools being integrated into your classroom. How do you see them encouraging participation?

I like the idea of a classroom blog. I have always liked it so that I could document the processes and procedures as well as projects in my classroom. I'd like to have expectations set up so that others can see how I run my class, etc.
Wallwisher seems fun and requires short answers, not long drawn out ones. I think the kids would like this opportunity.

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